Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training

An improved free online training on how to recognize and report child abuse has just been released in English. This is a required training that meets the AB 1207 requirements. This training will give you the tools to support children and families, and teach you about your legal duties as a mandated reporter.

Taking the training

-You must take the training if you are a licensee, applicant, administrator, or employee of a licensed child care facility, including family child care homes and centers.

-You must take the training every 2 years following the date from which you completed your first training.

-If you want to take the training in-person instead of online, your trainer must be approved by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS).

-When you take an in-person training, you must get a certificate of completion from the training AND written proof that your trainer has been approved.

-Here is a list of some of the trainers who have already been approved to give the training. Note: There may be other approved trainers not on this list.

-If someone wants to become an approved trainer, they should contact their local CDSS licensing regional office.

Not taking the training

-If Community Care Licensing finds that you did not take the training, they will issue you a “notice of deficiency.” You’ll then have 45 days to take the training. If you fail to take the training within 45 days, Licensing may revoke your child care license.

-You cannot be given a citation if the online training is not offered in your primary language. Currently, the online training is only offered in English. That means if you have difficulty understanding English, you are not required to take the training and you cannot be cited for not taking the training.

-If you are cited for not taking the training AND you didn’t take it because the online training is not offered in your primary language, please call Steve Rosenbaum, Senior Staff Attorney at the Child Care Law Center, at

To read this information in Spanish/en Español, click here.

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May 22,  2019