Legal Aid Attorneys

We are an IOLTA-funded support center. We are here for you when your low-income clients mention any child care issues, no matter how big or small. We offer a wide range of services to keep you informed of constantly-changing child care laws, regulations, and policies. Our familiarity with front-line legal work allows us to tailor our services to help you serve your community.


Assistance with Child Care Subsidy Hearings and Appeals – Introducing our Happy Baby, Healthy Baby Legal Fellow

Help low-income parents with child care subsidies successfully file for hearings and appeals for adverse Notice of Actions (NOAs). Every year 500 low-income parents lose the right to a review of their appeal because of procedural deficiencies. Without help to navigate the appeals process, many eligible families needlessly lose their child care subsidy, causing great economic loss to the family.  As a legal services attorney, you know better than anyone the difference legal help makes when protecting economic benefits.

We are here to help you help your clients KEEP their child care subsidies.

Please contact Child Care Law Center if your clients express concern about having received a Notice of Action (NOA) regarding their child care subsidy. We can also help with Technical Assistance, Co-Counseling during the administrative appeal, and/or Trainings regarding the hearings and appeals process.

Technical Assistance and Support

If you are a California legal aid attorney, pro bono attorney working for a legal aid office, or a private attorney representing an indigent client, we will provide you with expert technical assistance and support.

We will answer your individual questions about child care law and provide trainings for your agency. We also have publications, such as those listed below and our “Know the Law” series that you may find useful in helping your clients.

Please email or call us with your questions regarding any legal child care issues you may have.


Child Care Law Center has manuals for attorneys, including our manual on Child Care Subsidies in California and our manual on Subsidized Child Care and the Child Welfare System (which are currently being updated. Please contact us for further assistance), that will help you determine whether your client qualifies for subsidized child care and how to help them keep it. We also have legal memos that explain and analyze various areas of law that affect child care.


We provide training for legal aid attorneys about:

  • Child care subsidies for CalWORKs and other low-income clients
  • Including children with disabilities in child care programs
  • Child care options for foster parents and parenting-youth

Co-Counsel and Impact Litigation

When necessary to enforce laws that govern child care, protect child care funding, or otherwise ensure low-income working families can access high quality child care, Child Care Law Center attorneys will work with legal aid attorneys to bring impact litigation. Contact us if you want to discuss a possible collaboration.