Policy Work

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Child care funding and legislation can be difficult to understand, even for those who share our goal of helping low-income working families access high quality child care. In order to help policymakers and advocates work effectively to improve access to quality child care, we draw on our expertise at the Child Care Law Center to answer questions and provide analysis of state and federal budgets, laws, regulations, and initiatives related to child care. We also monitor regulations and provide comments when appropriate to bring the concerns and perspectives of families and child care providers to the table.

Hot Topics in Child Care and Preschool – 2017

1. AB 60 At Your Fingertips: Child Care Protections for Working Families

The final budget for 2017-2018 will fund and enact all the provisions of AB 60. It will ensure working families who earn up to 85% of the state’s median income, will keep their  affordable child care, and that all families receive a minimum of one year of child care services. The funding will affect 280,000 children in child care, preschool and after-school programs. AB 60 will be gutted and amended to achieve another purpose in the future.

2. Child Care Funding in the California State Budget Process

  • Bring eligibility guidelines for parents up to date, so that children can stay in quality programs.
  • Increase the reimbursement rates paid to child care providers and centers, so they can continue to provide stellar care.

3. Bringing Child Care Policy In Line with the New $15-Per-Hour Minimum Wage

  • The State Advisory Council on Early Learning and Care authorized a Minimum Wage Task Force, whose  recommendations have been presented to Governor Brown.
  • The top recommendations have been included in the 2017-2018 final budget.

Recent California Legislation

Federal Legislation – the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 2014