Key Protections for Family Child Care Providers in California Rental Property

May 9, 2017

Landlords cannot prevent you from operating a family child care home in a rental property. Our short video explains five things family child care providers need to know about operating in a rental property:

5 Things You Should Know –

Support AB 60 to help parents earning the new minimum wage to keep affordable child care

March 18, 2017

Assembly Bill 60 allows parents earning the minimum wage to keep their affordable child care, so they can continue to work and their children can stay in their child care, preschool, or after-school programs. AB 60 “defrosts” statewide child care …

Child Care Funding Recommendations for California Budget 2017-2018

March 18, 2017

Child Care Funding in the California Budget

California raised the minimum wage so that people are paid fairly for their work, but the extra 50 cents an hour has very real consequences for parents, child care businesses, and the economy.…

County Child Care Pilots: Why Statewide Problems Require Statewide Solutions

March 18, 2017

What is a County Child Care Pilot?

Individual county child care subsidy plan pilot (“pilot”) legislation allows counties to vary statewide eligibility rules, family fees, reimbursement rates and other criteria governing child care operations in ways that the Education Code …

Our Word on the Draft Executive Order re: “Public Charge”

February 2, 2017
February 1, 2017

You may have heard that the Trump administration is circulating a draft Executive Order that would greatly expand the definition of who is a “public charge”* under our immigration laws.  It would potentially count receipt of any …

Governor Brown’s 2017-18 Budget Proposal Regarding Child Care

January 12, 2017

Governor Breaks Agreement

to Increase Funding to Child Care

On January 11, Governor Brown released his proposed 2017-18 California State Budget with disappointing news for families who need help paying for child care.  Despite the Governor’s promise for a multi-year

Children who are Homeless are Eligible for Child Care

December 20, 2016

Help children who are homeless receive the child care they need:

1. More homeless children may qualify for child care than you think. 

A 2015 law (AB 982), which took effect at the beginning of this year, expands the …

The Right to Appeal a Child Care Notice of Action

November 16, 2016


We help parents with child care subsidies successfully file for hearings and appeals for child care Notice of Action (NOAs). Here are the three things you should know about a Notice of Action:

How to Keep Your Child Care

California Voter Guide on Child Care

November 2, 2016

You deserve to know exactly where your candidates for the United States Senate stand on child care, so here is your California voter guide to help you choose the best candidate for our children.

The Child Care Law Center …

Child Care Legislative Roundup 2016

October 7, 2016

The 2016 legislative cycle that ended September 30th  resulted in laws that will impact working parents and their children, child care professionals and our child care delivery system.  Here is a summary of enacted bills, as well as select …