Child Care Extended for Farm Workers Hurt By Drought

The drought is taking its toll on farm workers’ ability to find employment in California.  To promote continuity of care, migrant farm workers will have 120 days (extended from 60 days) to find work once their children are enrolled in …

Government Code Section 11135

Recipients of state money must comply with the requirements of California Government Code 11135 (“section 11135”), which makes it illegal for any program or activity that receives any financial assistance from the state to discriminate against any person on the …

Early Learning and Support Division, California Department of Education

The California Department of Education helps manage several child care and development programs in California and governs development standards and funding.

Find program and contractor information; details on laws, regulations, and requirements; resources on quality rating and improvement system; and …

California Department of Education Contractor Funding Terms and Conditions

Funding Terms and Conditions for Child Care Contractors with the California Department of Education

Eligibility and Assistance Standards for CalWORKs Child Care

guidance for administering subsidized child care for families on CalWORKs

California Education Code

Cal. Education Code  Section 8200 et seq  – codes governing child care and development in California