CCDBG Proposal Resources for Early Childhood Advocates

New rules contained in the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Act of 2014, which reauthorized the Child Care Development Fund (CCDF), and the planning process it requires, present a unique opportunity for state agencies and the Legislature to be bold and visionary in strengthening the State’s child care system. We envision a robust and comprehensive child care system in California that serves a large and diverse population of approximately 6.5 million young children age twelve and under, their families, and the nearly 174,000 providers who are the backbone of the system.

Thirty-eight Early Childhood Advocates convened to produce a detailed vision for California’s child care system laid out in these topic papers.

  1. CCDBG Guiding Principles
  2. Provider and Consumer Education Information
  3. Stable Child Care Financial Assistance – Eligibility
  4. Health and Safety Requirements for Licensed Providers
  5. License Exempt Child Care Providers
  6. Workforce Development and Quality Improvement
  7. Provider Reimbursement Rates

Opportunities for Making Calif Child Care System Better Through CCDBG Implementation Proposals 2015

Executive Overview- Opportunities for Making California Child Care System Better Through CCBDG Implementation