Legal Issues for Family Child Care Providers – License-exempt Child Care in California | Requirements


I am a professional musician and would like to offer music classes in my home to a small group of kids during spring break. Do I need a child care license?


No, you do not need a child care license (you are “exempt”), so long as:

  • You operate only during periods of the year when students in kindergarten and grades 1-12 in the public school district where the program is located are not in school due to regularly scheduled school vacations and
  • The total sessions do not add up to more than 30 days (if only school-age children are enrolled in the program) or 15 days total (if children younger than school-age are enrolled in the program) and
  • You provide activities “of an instructional nature in a classroom-like setting.”

These are the requirements for exemption from needing a child care license for your type of situation. As long as you meet these requirements, you may offer music lessons in your home without a license.

For more information, check out our Know the Law publication about License-Exempt Child Care in California. If you have more questions about licensing, the state’s Child Care Advocate Program may also be a useful resource.

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