Budget Recommendations Concerning Child Care FY 2016 -2017

Notwithstanding last year’s funding, California’s child care system remains in a precarious state and still has not returned to pre-recession funding levels. Cuts during the Great Recession have negatively impacted capacity, quality, and administrative functioning.

Proposal to Increase Access to Child Care for Parents

Child Care Law Center proposes adoption of a 12-month eligibility period to improve child care access and stability for low-income working families, an update of the eligibility guidelines to reflect the current State Median Income with an increase in the exit ceiling to 85% of the State Median Income, and an increase in child care slots to promote increased access.

Proposal to Increase Reimbursement Rates for Child Care Providers

Child Care Law Center supports an increase in child care reimbursement rates using current regional market surveys and an increase in license-exempt rates to 80% of the current family child care home rates.

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