Keeping Kids Close to Home Act of 2019


Lana’s Experience Trying to Obtain a Permit for Her Family Child Care

For a parent, knowing your baby is with a warm, nurturing caregiver, is everything.

Lana has an advanced degree in early childhood development and specializes in care for kids with special medical needs. Lana immigrated here from Russia. She and her assistant cared for twelve babies and toddlers in Lana’s family child care home.

Last year Lana, a renter, was forced to move to when the owner sold the house. She found a townhome to rent in the next town. That town required a permit to care for more than eight children. Half of the families in Lana’s child care had to cut their work hours, rearrange their work schedules, or quit their jobs while Lana went through the steps to obtain a city permit.

The Law Center gave Lana the information to navigate the city permit process, which took months, cost more than $6000, and required multiple meetings and a public hearing.

But despite support from her new landlord, neighbors, and parents, the city denied Lana a permit on the basis that she needed four private parking spaces.

While parents are scrambling to find child care so they can work, cities are imposing unrealistic and in some cases unlawful restrictions.  That’s why the Child Care Law Center teamed up with Senator Skinner and family child care providers to introduce SB 234.

Lana is one of the many child care providers advocating for SB 234,  to make the permit process for child care homes uniform across the state.

Lana told the California Senate Human Services committee members during the SB 234 hearing:

I have a big waiting list and parents call me every day to ask if I have a spot. One parent said, “I called all the daycares and there’s nowhere with a spot for an infant. What should I do? I need to go to work.” 

Do you know parent who can’t find licensed child care in their community, or a provider who had trouble getting a city permit? Let us know!

You can help make more child care possible. Visit our SB 234 page to learn more.