Families Displaced By Wildfires Can Still Get Their Child Care

You can help kids and families stay stable if they are impacted by the fires.

1. If a family has become homeless or is living in a motel, shelter, or other temporary situation (e.g. doubling up with friends or family):

  • They are eligible for low-cost or no-cost child care or preschool
  • They are eligible for child care services now, and for the next 12 months
  • They can get child care in the community where they are temporarily housed

2. If a family is already receiving child care services and their child care has closed due to the wildfires:

  • They are still eligible for child care
  • They should tell their child care agency that they need to go somewhere else
  • The agency in the new county or area should help enroll them as a “homeless family.”
  • Click here for our post  about “homeless” as categorically eligible  child care need.

3. A parent should not lose their job in California if they cannot show up to work because of an emergency like a fire.

4. Child care programs should contact Community Care Licensing  and agencies that contract with the Department of Education should contact the Early Education and Support Division if they are impacted by the fires.