Response to the Governor Brown’s May Revise of 2018-19 Budget Proposal

California can create a seamless education system for children, from the beginning of life to preschool and beyond. We have the resources to do that, and we must. Governor Brown’s budget does not go far enough to give families affordable child care when children are at their youngest and most vulnerable. We are hopeful that the Legislature, with its champions for families and young children, will respond to the Governor’s proposal with a substantial increase in flexible child care funds.

Kim Kruckel, Executive Director of the Child Care Law Center

The Legislative Women’s Caucus is in strong support of a substantial increase in child care funding; they have asked the Governor to include $1 billion for child care to meet the needs of working parents and give our children a bright start in life.

The Assembly Budget Subcommittee 2 on Education Finance will convene on Tuesday, May 15th at 9 am and on Wednesday, May 23rd at 1:30 pm to discuss child care funding in the May Revise. Stream live video of the hearings here. The Senate Budget Subcommittee 1 on Education discussed child care investments on May 14th. Here is a link to the Subcommittee’s agenda (see page 4 for child care).

For further information check out our 2018 California Child Care Budget Advocacy Page.

Highlights from the May Revise related to Child Care

  • Brown met his last year of promised rate increases that were part of the multi-year deal in 2016.  He also included the last installment of additional pre-school spaces.
  • CalWORKs child care received a $105 million increase to cover the increased caseload and reimbursement rates.  The increased caseload in Stages 2 and 3 is due to the improvements passed last year through the budget for 12-month eligibility and updating the income eligibility guidelines.
  • Brown includes an increase of $4 million ($2.2 million for Prop. 98 and $1.8 million for General Funds) to reflect an increase in the cost-of-living factor to 2.71%.
  • Brown annualizes the Child Care Bridge Program for foster kids.
  • Brown swapped out $42.2 million in TANF funds and replaced $42.2 million in Prop. 98 funding for his early education inclusion program. The $167 million to fund this program remains the same.
  • Brown did not include additional funding for infant and toddler care (0-3) nor any additional funding to help families pay for child care services.

You can read Governor Brown’s full May Revision here.