Response to Governor Brown’s ECE Budget Proposal 2018-19

Child Care Law Center’s Response to Governor Brown’s ECE Budget Proposal

Every child deserves the child care and early learning they need to reach their full potential.  We thank the Governor for keeping his earlier promise to California families and kids by funding the third year of the 2016 multi-year budget deal for child care.

But Governor Brown’s  2018-2019 budget proposal does not contain new child care funds to help families with babies and toddlers to afford quality child care.   Governor Brown has left hundreds of thousands of babies and toddlers without an opportunity.

“The need that working parents have for child care is immense and more funding is essential,” observed Senate Budget Chair Holly Mitchell.  We stand with the Legislative Women’s Caucus and Legislative leadership who have called for additional child care funds. We look forward to working with lawmakers to develop a final budget that reflects the value that Californians place on making early education and care available to all California’s children.

January 2018