Key Protections for Family Child Care Providers in California Rental Property

Landlords cannot prevent you from operating a family child care home in a rental property. Our short video explains five things family child care providers need to know about operating in a rental property:

5 Things You Should Know – for Family Child Care Providers

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1. A landlord cannot stop a tenant from providing licensed child care in the rental property.

2. In most cases, a tenant does not need the landlord’s permission to provide family child care services, but must give the landlord, on average, 30 days advance notice of the start of the child care operations.

3. A landlord cannot evict a California tenant solely because they are operating a licensed family child care in their home.

4. A landlord may not raise the rent just because a tenant is operating a family child care in her home, but they may request a larger security deposit.

5. A landlord cannot require a tenant to purchase liability insurance.

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