Children who are Homeless are Eligible for Child Care

Help children who are homeless receive the child care they need:

1. More homeless children may qualify for child care than you think. 

A 2015 law (AB 982), which took effect in 2016, expands the list of entities that can identify homeless children’s need for subsidized child care to include local educational liaisons for homeless children and youths, Head Start programs, and emergency transitional shelters.

2. Families only need proof of their homeless status to qualify for child care programs. 

The new law makes homelessness a reason that children can need child care. That means that families need to document only their homeless status in order for their children to be eligible for care. This will ease enrollment for families living under circumstances where collecting, keeping, and filing paperwork is difficult.

Read the full legal memo here – Eligibility of Homeless Children and Youth for California Child Care Programs