The Right to Appeal a Child Care Notice of Action


We help parents with child care subsidies successfully file for hearings and appeals for child care Notice of Action (NOAs). Here are the three things you should know about a Notice of Action:

How to Keep Your Child Care Subsidy:

Cómo Mantener Su Subsidio de Cuidado Infantil:

1. Families have the right to an appeals process.

Did you know that California Department of Education (CDE) has its own child care benefits appeals process? The complicated subsidized child care appeals process is often confusing for families. We created an instructional video (en Español) to help families learn how to appeal a Notice of Action.


2. Too many parents needlessly lose their child care subsidy.

Every year 500 parents lose their right to a review of their appeal because of easily remedied procedural deficiencies. The more families understand the process and their rights, the more they can keep their child care, a keystone to their livelihood.


3. Deadlines are short and the Child Care Law Center is here to help.

If you, or someone you know, have received a Notice of Action or have been verbally denied child care, contact us. We are here to help.

  • Our video (en Español) explains what families can do when they run into problems with their CDE subsidized child care.
  • We also provide technical assistance, co-counsel, and trainings on the hearings and appeals process for legal aid attorneys. E-mail Angela Breslin, Legal Fellow, for more information.